Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1 day of rain

Good Morning!
Grey skies here again! as we envelop the day with relationships, work, and emotions, shall i mention relaxation here too which includes sleep, worship, and just plain staring at the sky or leaf or flower. Tomorrow will be the big day and I will have a GIVE-AWAY if anyone is interested lol.  just leave your name and a way to get hold of you in the comment section, mention that you have seen this site and its title.
OK....see you and meet you again at the end of the day with pictures.....maybe not of rain but of anything weather is hard to predict so it will be showers of anything!!!!

 i thought i saw a couple of drops of water on the windshield but i must have been dreaming hahah, anyway the skies look as if they want to rain.....but is was sunny throughout the day and hot, but towards evening the skies clouded up again.....  no rain
 i love this field of dandelions and the river it is high.......

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