Friday, May 18, 2012

12 days of rain

The day after rain brings glistening grass, bird songs after bird love making.............and sun shine rays thru the trees, puddles on the driveway and time to mow the lawn.
you really can't see him lol, unless you know where to look and my skills on this computer are limited , but there is one there, he just mated with his spouse and it was only for a quarter of a quarter of a second.  well enough of that i guess :) anyway they alighted on different trees watching me as i tried to take a picture with the tears in my eyes from the bright light!!!  Beautiful birds!
 waiting for the garden dirt to warm up from the cool rains and 4 degree weather it is a good thing to grow sprouts, this is a lush growth of yummy alfalfa
raindrops on last years pansys

 Flowers in abundance before the leaves!!! and today the mountain is still covered with moisture clouds but the windows on either side of the trailer reveal different weathers :) sun shining on one and clouds on the is interesting.
right now i am listening to a rather rustic singer who has a fantastic voice Freddy Hayler - Song of Angels, he was a man struck by lightening literally who was given the voice of a tenor equating Pavarotti, except this is better because he sings of the love of God.  He makes you see angels!!
OH! another site to go to is......My Little Fabric.......... and there you can click on a pic named Once Upon a Christmas which will take you to a book called  Chronicles of a Seed  a fantastic rendition of the story of Creation.  or hopefully this will get you there also  Chronicles of a Seed

He Saw Me -you tube song

This is Friday evening and the grass has been mowed, the laundry is done and so are the dishes  haha, i don't like doing dishes!, the garbage is in the dump and i shopped for a few groceries, just finished the vacuuming and glanced is absolutely quiet.............just perfect for the beginning of the Sabbath!!

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