Thursday, May 3, 2012

29 days of rain

I have started a new Project...It is May Day and i have been thinking about giving out flowers,  so here is what I have done..........
 MY neighbour has been very kind to me in the last two weeks when i needed to make a couple trips to the hospital and giving funds to help in between paychecks and so i dropped a thank you note with cookies on their doorstep when they came back from a walk.
This is my daughter and her daughter.  At safeway they have the neatest gift which i bought for Josie to make her own lemonade--a flowered glass and Jaimie has her new salon with a flower pot of white mums.
 More special flowers for May Day. I had visualized making paper flowers from Pinterest crafts and decided to put together some for the patients i see in the dental clinic.  but the girls grabbed them and said i want one, i want one.  One of them managed to get one!!  and the rest went to my lady patients.  They were so excited to get one!!
Actually I made lemon shortbread cookies for my co-workers which you can see they are holding up.
It felt good to me to give and see the smiles on all their faces.


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