Wednesday, May 16, 2012

14 days of rain

Another surprise in the form of rain is falling today, little tiny fluffy frozen drops of hail looking rain.  It was actually pretty because they were fluffy.  I took lots of pictures of the rain clouds today.  Such beauty and different shades of grey and eerie looking scenery....
On the way to the Bridge the highway is lined with Saskatoon bushes in full bloom and there are the fluffy snowdrops on my windshield.

on the way home at five pm......

Here you see  different scenes of rain, it has been chilly and breezy all day and right now at 8:30pm the sound of pouring rain i can hear on my rooftop.  I am glad i am in my house, i could be in the porch but will wait until the weather warms up and then can feel the warmth of summer rain.

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