Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 days of rain

Well ! right away it is confession time~~while the events actually happened on the day the writing of it is much later, only by a couple of days or so! A combination of work and writing another newsletter and meeting all were good excuse deterrents.
Most of the entrants will be pictures as it describes the days to a T. There is a certain beauty in the clouds and rain, the sound of it on the roof is  soothing and creates a comfortable atmosphere in front of the fireplace,
In this day  i have also made a contract to show or do things with flowers also as April rains bring May flowers and also more rain. lol. Enjoy...............oh yes it will be a type of PAY IT FORWARD also as thanks to the many things i have been blest with and  the kindnesses of my neighbors to me.

On the road again! every day i meet about 10 of these trucks 7 in the morning and with each one they bring a cloud of rain from the road.  i am getting to know each truck by now. One is named John. They go to Kitimat  port to deliver their goods to be shipped to China.

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