Wednesday, May 30, 2012


LAST DAY for it to rain, i am giving an extra day because it is my birthday today. fourthirty in the morning and here are the cloudy skies against the mountain and in the background i wish you could hear the roaring of the river.  the cat is sitting on top of my car again trying to connect with me  heheh,
6:14am~a lovely sound~RAIN on the tin roof, how do you describe a sound like that, the consistent pitter patter like rice on cement, it rushes and then grows quiet, the ground taking on a darker hue, above the clouds it looks like it might even be snowing!!

birthday dinner at work--we had a Chinese Hot Pot..... with cake and rhubarb pie....of course we had dessert first!!!!

so that was my work party, it was fun, then i came home to another dinner of pizza that i was invited to. home made pizza, such few pics are of cloudy skies that look like it had rain in them

the end of a great day, the end of 31 days of rain, and the end of May, i was so tired and full lol, i will clean up the mess tomorrow!!!!

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