Tuesday, May 1, 2012

31 days of rain
who would have thought of writing about rain!!  it seems as soon as winter is over and the snows beging to melt thaere is always an abundance of the wet sunshine. for two weeks now the rains have come almost every day with the exception and  a couple of saturdays.  
so here is my journey
and thru this journey i have made  a sort of pact to deliver flowers for 31 days also as when you see the rains you see the flowers, the leaves begin to unfurl, the bright green of fresh born growth, last years pansies and daffodils everywhere.  it is amazing!!
i am writing over an old blog and noticed these pictures here.  Well they would be good projects for the year

another one is to make this cake.....this is very blurry because i need a new camera and my scanner decided not to work but you get the idea.........and it is pink!!!!!!

As I was looking over some blos there are really nice ideas of what to do for next Christmas and here is what i found.....

build a greenhouse like this one.....
make an advent calendar for me and for the kids

to read this book

someone has gone to a lot of work and made these ornaments, i think that would be a good project thruout the year to do also with  all the tin lids from cans and decorate them.  She has done a wonderful job.....i am going to give it a try!!!

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