Thursday, May 17, 2012

13 days of rain

What a gorgeous morning already and a promise of a nice sunny day!! although i enjoyed the rain last nite i am wondering if there will be some of the liquid sunshine today??????
WELL WELL!  i am wrong about the weather,  the fog so indicated a sunny disposition to the weather so look at the next few pictures and see what was the surpise under the foggy morning.......

 Snow on the mountain
 A beautiful horse
 Puddles on the road
A float plane on the lake and if you look very close on the pole is a nest of ospreys.....
Ahead of me is a sea of spray from vehicles on a wet road, still raining, water on the car hood! and snow still on the mountains as the evening winds down to 8:00pm. and the blue skies linger before turning to grey of the night again!

You know! i am listening to a preacher tell of a story where there was a contest of someone giving away a littler of kittens.  the request was only that they had to submit why they thought they should be awarded the whole litter.  There were hundreds of kids who wrote in and said they loved animals, they would love and care for them, cats were their fav animal, or they were lonely etc.  But the favorite answer that won the litter was a little boy who wrote that he asked his mother if he could have the kittens and she said 'That is all that we need!!!!!'

Another thought in regards to the white stuff that came down today and stayed there and all the white vehicles that you see on the road, and the love of pure white decor in houses--this is what she says from Holy Experience----

I meet a woman who sells cars for a living. She tells me that white is the best color for a vehicle and I tell her we live in the country on a gravel road and white would never work where we live.

She tells me white is always the perfect vehicle no matter where you live.

And it’s on a Sunday morning after that Wednesday, standing in the door of our country church, when I notice how different the white vehicles in the parking lot look beside the grey pickups, the black cars.

I stand at the church door, remembering what has been done in remembrance of Him who saved the worst of us, and I remember what the woman who sold cars said. She said, “White hides the dirt the best. It makes no sense, but white hides the dirt best.”

And there’s a Lamb Who is white and there’s a Way to be white as snow and when we are our worst, His white hides our dirt best.

In Him, you are not your sin. In Him, you are not your dirt. In Him, you are hidden and your iniquity is made clean by your identity and your identity is in His purity — and when we are our worst, His white hides our dirt best.

So all the days of the week, I leave it out and open on the table here.

His Word, this grace —

an invitation on purest white pages.

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