Saturday, May 5, 2012

25 days of rain

There was no rain today, not even a hint of it!!!  But I did wake up to sunshine and blue skies.  went for a walk around the yard to find flowers and discovered the forget-me-nots just came out! i love them, they are so pretty and give the right little bit of cheer to every bouquet.  Strawberry blossoms are out also.  and so you see a couple of tiny blessing did rain!!  I like this top photo as there is lots in it...these purple flower things and the yellow sticky brown things from the trees, dead leaves imprinted in the grey mud, dead sticks fallen from the wind and even some green leaves.  Enjoy!!
My daughters stopped in for two seconds, my granddaughter grabbed a bite of lasagna sitting on the counter.
even though it was sunny, I stayed in the house and made a card with a hint of flowers

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