Sunday, May 13, 2012

17 days of rain

Mmmmmmm ...............i love the smell of rain........its not raining YET!!!  it might!!! there is hope!!!!

i don't know whether i should go on with this subject or not but i will anyway because i mentioned it  hahahah
did you know we do most of OUR sinning when we are right????   hahahah it may not be as funny as I think because  we think we are so right all the time and impose our actions and thoughts on someone else that it hurts their relationship with us and also with the God we want them to listen to,  that it turns out wrong!!!!
If you want a vision ---read the book of Jonah and you will find out who God is and who we should be!
The Book of Hosea--the God who is compassionate
the Book of Revelation--the God who judges

well i did not mean for these two days to be sermons but it is exciting to find our who God is.
and now i am off to flowers at Skeena Nurseries for MOTHERS DAY.  no rain for today but it might rain pansies hahahha.. or is what i did for the rest of the day.  Spent 50 dollars of veggie plant and a tray of petunias. These people have the best plants but they are scaling down now and so will have to get the rest in Smithers.

 YES!  it did sprinkle on the way home this afternoon. Does that count as rain, possibly, there was quite a cloud above Nine Mile Mountain.

the road washed out and here are one of the trucks that are hauling rocks to build the road again.  right now it is one lane for a bit.

That is it for the day I guess.  See what tomorrow brings.  Spots on the bottom of the pic are raindrops on the windshield!!!!

Country Market
Wild Strawberry blossoms by the bridge

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