Monday, May 7, 2012

23 days of rain

Good Morning
i woke up to the constant drip, drip, drip, drip from the outside of the trailer .lol, i am thinking OH! it rained during the night!  How can one be so excited over rain?  this year i will be,  as the pipes from the water well to the trailer need to be changed,  making more pressure to the house etc.  So a daily rain would be just perfect.  then i think i would be in heaven or at least the garden of eden and that is a dream only lol
I see the circus came into town already, did i say already!, time has gone so fast, the school year is nearly over , but it always rains during circus time also !!!
you can see the dark clouds overhead on the way home just longing to drop some wet stuff on the ground and holding out for some reason, maybe for the mornings post!!  

FLOWERS for today also?  I finished making my paper roses, the girls at work did not want any after all, oh well, i gave two orange ones to my daughter, the blue and pink ones to my other daughter and the rest will go to my secret sister.

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