Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 days of rain

 The rain will not come today unless God brings it later on.  there are still pictures for today as i look up to the trees and after conceding to pray over this tree as i have many years the RAINS and warm weather has brought a burst of budding leaves out on this tree.  it is where the angels hover--have you read in the bible where David needed direction, God told him to wait by the mulberry bushes and at the moving of the leaves he could go--one day for me the air was very still, not a leaf was stirring and i needed assurance from God, i looked up to the tip of that tree and the leaves at the top moved ever so slightly!!!
I made a sandwich for breakfast but all before i said my slow we are to give in to God's promptings....almost took the last bite and there it was before me.....the Bread,  the Seed, the Life.  Thank you Father for the gift of life thru Jesus, and His Spirit! who pours rain upon our souls!

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