Friday, May 4, 2012

26 days of rain

WOW! just saw this young mom who gave birth to a child with a disease of the spinal cord muscular disease that does not allow the muscles to respond to normal growth and active movements.  she cannot swollow and barely can eat.  What a burden this mom has but she says it is a joyful one and has made her a better person.  This little girl is two years old now and is such a cutie.

i have taken pictures of the downpour we had a few minutes ago.  another WOW moment.  love the sound and rush and the amount of wet a dark cloud can deposit in one minute.  It also brought in the tiniest mouse in the door crack which i promptly made a deposit outside for it. 
you can't see the rain here of course, but in your mind imagine it and then look at it, the leaves are growing .......

Well the last penny has been printed today. What a sad thing.  I loved finding them on the road or on the floor.  hahha  always saved them for investment offering for the missions in the church.

I realize there are two days with Fridays here as I was too lazy last nite to write it out but i am sure i will be forgiven!! he he   It is amazing again how you can see the rain come down in cloudy form.

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