Thursday, May 24, 2012

6 days of rain left!!!

Good Morning!
one week for it to rain every day!  Well ! we have missed only a couple days or three so that is pretty good!  True to form it was predicted to have showers today is the forcast from last night....the green is rain! and it is greyish out there in the sky, a good day to work!!!
        Ok!  i am on the road and off to work at seven this morning and praying for RAIN!  wouldn't you know it of all things to pray for, but here it is,  you can see the roads have been rained upon and are wet..yeahh!! 
 here is a funny cloud, looks like a road runner with his face to the road..... and below visible rain......
 looks like snow doesn't it, i was sort of surprised that it looked like very wet flakes!!!  and it poured for about three minutes

 the river is high and chocolaty
 not raining toward smithers but here is the great cloud of moisture just hanging there like a ballroom curtain.........a truck splashing up water clinging to the road.......

 On the way home now at four thirty, with dark grey rainclouds hovering, no rain all the way to hazelton , the cloud did not dissipate anything and eventually the sun came out and we had a grand pink sunset in the evening.....a grand ending to a beautiful day
this was such a nice encore ending also, these little ducklings are about a week old with their parents watching vigilantly.

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