Sunday, May 6, 2012

24 days of rain

It is absolutely quiet in here this morning as i am sitting on my couch having worship reading The Sanctified Life by EG White.  Only the sound of a robin singing outside my window and now he is silent also for a moment.

no rain! how can i write about a blog with rain when there is no rain!!  maybe there are different kinds of rain...lets find out........
  1. raining cats and dogs-sayings
  2. Holy Spirit rain _ It's Beginning to Rain by the Gaithers
  3. acid rain
  4. wet rain-many types
  5. Raining Silence  a very different kind of rain,  a very nice blog with 31days of love making
  6.  rain cheque
well that is about it!!
And guess what!!!!  it did rain around noon  about 12 drops just for me hehe, here it is...can you see the one drop on the window!!!!  right about one quarter inch from the middle!!!!

And Flowers to give is early but i will give these flowers away to the girls at work as they wanted more.
More on flowers....i went next door to the health food store to get some coconut creme, and the lady there is a good friend...she is always there when i am in need of conversation.  She offered a prayer for my children when i left and so in a way it was handing me a bouquet!
Thank you!

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