Monday, May 21, 2012

9 days of rain

Monday today! its a holiday and good to be home. 6:30am- Looking outside i can see no rain yet. Lots of grey clouds but nothing coming out of them.   hummm  well i could put  in a rain story here lol............
Flights of Fancy     turn to this story!  it is an interesting twist to the original!!! I won't tell you ! Come back for pictures in case there is rain today.  Have a good day!

WOW! listen to that....i hear RAIN on the roof top and i wish you could see the drops coming down.  Let me see if i can get another picture of a puddle someplace!!!! 10:40 and that is not a dog puddle or it would be on the tires!!!!
 the tree from the previous post...leaves are coming out more
 you can tell it is a non sunny sultry day with rain because the dandelions are all closed !

rain on the greenhouse......
The end of a great day.  Just when you think it was going to get uneventful!!!   I had dinner with old friends, it was delicious! just like thanksgiving!!! and it just poured.  you could see it pelting down on the goose that claimed the pond in their yard.  unfortunately my camera was no where in sight, these would have made nice pictures!  For the rest of the day it kind of sputtered and in between raindrops the neighbour kindly turned my garden over.  But i did get a picture earlier of a lady going for a walk rain or not and she was dressed in PINK!  one of my favorite colors!
Pink Lady.....
 rain on my windshield
 Storm rolling toward Smithers, the mountains look quite black now!!!

BONUS:  i have always wanted chickens but cannot afford them right now and i have had thoughts of moving in my mind so this is what i did while it was raining....i made chickens!!  idea copied from Pinterest.

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