Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 days of rain

Well it is going to be hard pressed today to get rain but then one never knows eh!!!!  at seven this morning the sky is clear and we can see the sun come up just over Nine Mile Mountain in the east there thru my pink curtains. Someone has got to be praying for sun today! it is not me because i have seven days to go for rain.  Well i will be happy for sun too. if it rained strait for 31 days we would need to get an ark!!! so here is the sun...........raining down on us hahah.........
The next picture was taken at the Suskwa turnoff, there is a huge valley that goes down to the river and a few farms. As you come up to the corner the misty clouds sent from the river on this cold morning cascaded along the highway with the sun shining above, just sending a huge gasp from my smiling mouth at the beauty of the sight.  alas from my little camera do you get only a glimpse of what it really was like!!!! Then as i entered the eerie cloud it was so strange to be enveloped in it!!!

The Hazelton mountains that forms a crown from a distance the rain clouds can be seen.  absolutely stunning sight. amazing that you can see the rain from a distance. We did not have any rain near us but there were scatterings near the mountains here and there.
 Love the cloud formation just coming into Hazelton, more showers near the mountains!

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