Tuesday, May 8, 2012

22 Days of rain

Take a good look at this photo...............  It was 5:30am and i rolled over in my warm bed looking out the window thru the heavy blanket curtain. I noticed a couple of rather longish cloud and wondered if they had rain in them.     Other than that the sky was blue, the sun beginning to shine, I bounced out of bed, ate breakfast of noodles and cottage cheese --yuck--what kind of a breakfast was that!!!!.  Took a long time to get ready before leaving at eight am.  Our boss was going out of the country for a few days so we were on our way to clean up in the office.  A crow squawked at having his picture taken  hahah.

Out the door and in my car and off to work. Suddenly i noticed that the roads were wet!!!!  HEY!  IT RAINED just before i got there ....that is what those clouds were all about!  well it was exciting!   The gleam on the pavement can actually be seen as wet sunshine!

Now for the flowers  that seems to be consistent with the previous posts ---the carriganas are in full bloom now too, this was taken from the highway looking to someones yard.  The bright yellow is so nice in the spring! 
Until tomorrow....see you then!

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