Thursday, May 3, 2012

28 days of rain and flowers

Getting a glimpse of the sun thru stormy rainclouds.  I love seeing the perfect circle and to actually be able to see the sun looking straight at it is amazing.  you can only imagine the beauty if you have seen this picture many times in real life.  beauty in the rain.
On the other side of the field is a lake that is flooded from winter melt off, the migrating birds usually flock over there but this year is strange and different as they have congregated across the highway on this field.  There are also thousands of birds this year as i have never seen in 25 years.  they are swans, snow geese, canada goose and may other kinds of ducks.  it is amazing how they all know each other.  during the day they go to the lake and at night settle in the field.
On the road this morning on my side of the country was pouring rain, almost slush, but towards Smithers the sun started to shine. you can see the blue sky in the background.
Pansies from last year are blooming all over the place it is funny and interesting to see where they have popped up and of course the bulbs of daffodils are just opening up too.  they bring joy and wonder at the happy colors.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful creation!!!!

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